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My, How Things Have Changed

by Admin

There are some parts of your childhood that seem so trivial at the time, but turn out to be so much more. Stupid things like going to Costco. As a child, a huge store like this can really mess up a kid with a large imagination ans a short attention span. So basically, a kid like me.

When I was younger and I used to go to Costco, I would really get lost, both figuratively and literally. But I didn’t care. There were enough things; books, computers, toy cars etc, in there to distract me for a week. So with only an hour or so to get lost in this Costco universe, I had to make my time count. And as usual, my journey would end with a hot dog, fries, coke (actaully usually root beer,) and a chocolate soft-serve ice cream.

I’ve gotten the exact same things to eat there for over ten years, so how have “things changed” at all then? Well, in the years since I was last there, I’ve changed dramatically as a person. My character is still pretty much the same, but little details have changed. For one thing, I’m a bit more a mature. No, seriously. I may still get a little hyper sometimes, but the usual wandering around aimlessly has toned down.

So basically, my ability to get distracted by a large chain store has been lowered considerably. Also, in the past few years, I’ve become more of an adult. I have a job and facial hair, two things I didn’t have a few years ago. When I was younger, the electronics department of Costco (and really, of any store,) was one of my major indulgences. Now that I work at an electronic store (Future Shop,) other electronic stores don’t really pique my itnerest as much. Oh and the staff discount helps a bit also.

But still, when I first walked into Costco today, I naturally gravitated towards the electronics department. Even though I work at Future Shop, the sight of 42-inch LCD TVs in there shocked me. I remember a few years ago when a 27-inch tube was considered a big TV, ansd just saying that makes me feel so old.

When I was younger, I would walk out of Costco with something like a book, a movie, and a model car as my haul for the day. Now? A razor and body wash. It’s funny that something so simple as a stupid trip to Costco helped me realize how much times have changed.

Oh yeah, I wrote this entire post in three separate “notes” on my phone. Thank G-d for T9.


Falling Off The Grid

by Admin

1 month. 30 days. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes. 2,592,000 seconds. I’ve been gone from this blog for MORE than that. That’s a third of a trimester. If I gave you one penny on the day of my last post, two pennies the next day, and so on, you’d have over $10 million now. Now that’s seriously messed up.

In a month, the average man can burn 27,000 calories in a month by simply walking three hours a day. The Beatles wrote/recorded most of the songs from their first album, Please Please Me, in about a month. So surely during a month long absence I must’ve been up to something groundbreaking? Absolutely not. For the past month, I’ve been lazier than a $@&^ing high turtle. That simile did not even make sense. See what an absence from the internet does to you?

Actually that’s a lie. I have not been absent from the internet at all, just this blog, and my other attempts at blogs. (Sorry Yining.) I tried starting a politics blog with my asian friend, and that failed miserably. You’d think that a blog written by two young people, with similar views on the same topic, who are both interested in writing, would take off now? Well you thought wrong. I gave up on it almost right off the bat, and for that I apologize.

I find it kind of funny that my last post was talking about how my writing was going in a different direction, how things would change. How my procrastination days were over, and how the blog was going to be better than before. Funny how I never seem to fllow through on promises like that eh? Anyways, that’s why I’m intentionally not making any promises in this post.

When I have something on my mind, and I want to write about it I will. When I see something interesting on the internet, I’ll post it. When something big happens in the REAL WORLD (the place beyond your computer screen,) I will try to get my thoughts down on paper.

But hey, I can’t make any promises.

Over 300 words already, that’s quite an accomplishment for me. (Barely more than ten words a day if I had spent mt month of absence writing this.) Ok now my sentences are starting to not make sense, so I’ll leave you with a video I found on the web:

It’s a video montage featuring snippets of the original songs that Kanye West has sampled. If you’re a Kanye Fan, then this is pretty cool. If not well, this sucks I guess. Anyways it plays a video of the original song, and then shows how the Kanye sampled it for his specific songs. The more sentences I write, the less sense I make. Shit. It’s like my brain has run out of fuel, actually a common occurence around 2 AM. But here it is:

So that’s it for now, check back often because I MIGHT be writing more. (Notice how I didn’t make any promises?)

Stepping It Up A Notch

by Admin

I’ve always liked that saying, even though I have no idea what it literally means. Oh well.

Here I am, writing yet ANOTHER post about how I’ll be improving my blogging from now on. Believe it or not, I actually have a pretty busy life. Between work and school, I don’t have much free time to do anything at all. But a blog post really doesn’t take that much time at all. A few minutes and I should be able to whip up a little post, and the very least a paragraph or two.

So that is where I am now. Eexperimenting with Twitter and Digg (google them), trying to feel for myself what it’s like to be a real blogger. And by “real blogger” I mean someone that actually updates semi-regularly. And not just stupid updates about what I’m doing right now, for that I use Twitter. From now on I’ll be trying to actually do the one post per day minumum I’ve promised.

This blog will have more posts, more variety, reviews on movies and music (old and new), commntary on sports and politics, and even comments about the mundane life of a 19-year-old student. Hopefully I’ll actually begin to use this blog not as an escape into the virtual world, but as sort of an addition to my life, something that only makes it better.

Like an extra arm, but less gross.

The Awesomeness Of Motivational Posters

by Admin

An election recap will be available sometime today, but for now I’ve been wasting my time with something else; motivational posters.


Originally, motivational posters were used for their actual purposes: motivation. There would be a picture of a hiker, for example, followed by a subtitle like “perseverance” or something like that. Recently, the creation of motivational posters has been turned into a fad. Find a funny picture, enter it into a generator, and text, and you’re done.

So that’s what I did for the last few minutes. Click here for a full collection, and check back later tonight for the election recap.

Presidential Election – Live Blog

by Admin

12:26 – After a very long day, I’m exhuasted so its time for bed. Good night, and check back tomorrow for more election updates, including postings of the final results. Thank you for your support today.

11:30 – I was actually very moved my John McCain’s concession speech. He said what he needed to say and united the party, choosing his words very wisely. Onto Obama’s acceptance speech…

11:09 – Gonna go watch his acceptance speech. Thanks for visiting The Blender and check back later for more analysis.

11:03 – Obama is now projected to win Washington, Oregon, and California. Game over.


10:52 – Virginia and Florida still way too close, with Obama leading 51%-49% in both states with almost all (over 75%) precincts accounted for in each.

10:47 – “The fat lady hasn’t sung but she’s got her costume on.” Wow, I love CNN radio.

10:38 – Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Missouri are all insanely close, within 2 or 3 percentage points max. Because of this, even though polls have been closed for hours, no winner can be projected. If Obama wins California, he needs ONE MORE STATE to clinch.

10:25 – McCain has won Mississippi.

10:22 – John McCain has won Texas. Big deal. That’s like throwing a hail-mary pass when you’re down by 35 with a minute to go.

10:21 – McCain aides have been quoted as saying they see “no path to victory based on the results for tonight.” Sucks for him. Obama is virtually guaranteed to win California, so he just needs one more state.

10:08 – Obama has earned another vote from the state of Maine (they don’t have a winner-take-all system.) Eight more…

10:06 – CNN projects that Obama will win Iowa. His real magic number? 215. When he hits that it’ll be recognized by almost everyone that he has one, because he pretty much has California in his pocket.

9:56 – My newly updated predictions, click to enlarge:

9569:50 – OBAMA WINS NEW MEXICO! GAME OVER! (Not officially…)

9:44 – The race is pretty much over. California, Oregon, and Washington, which have a combined 73 electoral votes, are all very blue, meaning they will more than likely vote Obama. Though the results for these west coast states won’t come in until later, we know that if and when Obama wins then, he will be merely 3 electoral votes away from the magic number: 270.

If Obama wins just ONE of these remaining states: Nevada, Hawaii, New Mexico, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, in addition to the three west coasters, it’ll be curtains for McCain. And those are all states where either Obama is projected to win, or in a very close race.

9:36 – Obama wins Ohio! Game, set, and match.

9:32 – Obama has leads )albeit small ones,) in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. This could get ugly.

9:24 – McCain won West Virginia.

9:14 – John McCain has won Georgia.

9:09 – So where do we stand right now? Obama has won Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New York, for a total of 174 electoral votes.

Meanwhile, McCain has won Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, Wyoming, and North Dakota, for a total of 49 electoral votes.

If Obama wins four of the west coast states he should win (Washington, Oregon, California, and New Mexico), he’ll be just 14 electoral votes away from clinching the presidency. McCain cannot afford to lose Virginia, Florida, or Ohio, or else the election is pretty much going to be official.

9:02 – Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisoncsin, Minnesota, and New York will go for Obama and Wyoming and North Dakota will go for McCain.

9:00 – Alabama will go for John McCain.

8:58 – Most of the Midwest are closing polls in a few minutes, and some big states (New York, Texas, etc,) will officially be awarded (almost 100% likely to be Obama, McCain, respectively.) expect a bunch of announcements soon.

8:55 – Not too much is happening that I haven’t stated already, but Elizabeth Dole, the wife of former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole, has lost her bid for election in North Carolina. Can that state swing over to Obama’s side? We’ll see…

8:42 – Obama wins Pennsylvania.

8:41 – 54%-46% for McCain in Virginia with 43% of precincts reporting.

8:31 – Obama wins New Hampshire.

8:25 – Arkansas’ polls close in five minutes. Woo-hoo!

8:22 – McCain is winning 56%-43% in Virginia, with 26% of precincts reporting.

8:19 – Obama has a 54%-46% lead in Florida, with 24% of the precincts reporting. McCain has a 52%-47% lead in Indiana, with 34% of the precincts reporting. Other states are still too close to call, and even these two are still too close.

8:12 – It’s still a bit early to make any more projections, but personally, I project CNN will show the crowd in Chicago (who have gathered in extremely large numbers in anticipation of an Obama victory,) at least 100 more times tonight.

8:05 – Obama has a big lead in Florida, which would be great for his chances. It’s still early though.

8:03 – Barack Obama is now projected to win Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, and Illinois. While McCain is projected to win Tennessee and Oklahoma. This is in addition to the previous projections.

7:58 – John McCain is projected to win South Carolina’s eight electoral votes, despite being down in the current polls.

7:55 – “If John McCain can’t carry Pennsylvania, he’ll have a tough challenge ahead of him.” – Wolf Blitzer. He is so right… if McCain loses it, he’ll need to perform extremely well in the other states, including Florida, where winning by 16 percentage points, 58-42, with 11% of precincts reporting. Please feel free to comment by the way.

7:53 – Polls are closing at 8:00 pm in 15 states, including battlegrounds Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Florida, and Missouri. We should get some detailed results soon.

7:30 – Polls closed in Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Not enough data is available to predict a winner in either of these states.

7:24 – Polls getting set to close in Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina. A projected win for Obama in Ohio would be devastating to McCain’s chances.

7:02 – Polls close in those six states. CNN projects Obama will win Vermont and McCain will win Kentucky (no surprise here.)

6:47 – A number of states, including Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana, and Vermont, end polling at 7pm. Stay tuned. These results could be big…

6:45 – Check out the “pages” at the top of the blog for various election material.

Election Special: What To Expect

by Admin

I’ve been very busy lately, so I haven’t had much time to update the blog with some new stuff.

But because today, (well probably, tomorrow or even later,) a new president will be elected, choosing a new president for the next four years, I figured I needed something.

Sometime today, before polls being to close (around 7) I will submit my last election preview. In addition to that, I will have a live updated post, stating and discussing each result as it comes in. You can go to my blog, and keep refreshing every few minutes for brand new updates.


Keeping Up With The Joneses

by Admin

… And the Moyses, Isenbergs, Whites, Sus, Gonshors. All friends of mine who, after me, have created blogs of their own. When I hosted my blog over at Blogspot, the posts were less frequent and the content less serious. Not like I’m saying my blog is serious or anything, but it’s taken on a different tone, in addition to more posts being posted more often.

So what motivated me to make the switch, not to WordPress, but to a real blogger instead of an occasional one? My friends (everytime I say that I feel like John McCain.) Every time they posted more often than me I began to feel inadeaute. With them writing more, I felt I should to, in an effort to “compete” with them. So with that I’ve begun searching for new gimmicks, updated the overall look of the blog, and then the huge switch over to WordPress.

Once I figured out how to make the permanent switch (meaning, importing all my old Blogspot posts so readers would not have to click there to read them,) I knew I was on my way to becoming a better blogger. With the “search” feature, readers can now search for any topic that interests them (Obama, NFL, etc,) and find out if I’ve ever written a post about their desired topic.

Also, I’m beginning to take advantage of WordPress’ “pages” feature. With this new layout, the “pages” I write will be at the top of the screen, just above the banner, which I will customize shortly. This will enable me to write new, daily (or semi-daily,) updates. Some “pages” I’ll have, if you don’t see them already, are; links of the day, photo of the day, video of the day, and more. I just haven’t thought of everything yet.

So if you like what you’ve been reading, keep checking abck as I update it with more than jsut posts, and explore so you can take full advantage (also check the “What’s New” page often, because that’s where I’ll post my updates.

Stay tuned.